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First Bible

Who wrote the first Bible? Well according to the Catholic Encyclopedia the first Bible was the Euangelion and Apostolikon of Marcion of Sinope AD 140.

Marcionism appears to have been the "Christianity" which was the thorn in the side of the Roman Empire until the 4th century.

Marcionism, rather surprisingly is more like Protestant Evangelicanism than Catholicism. The Catholic religion was created by Constantine in the 4th Century. This involved grafting Judaism (to which Marcionism is diametrically opposed) onto Pauline Marcionism. Furthermore it appears that Johannine Christianity based on Talmudic esotericism incorporating Babylonian paganism was also added. This would include the Gospel of John with it's Vedic references and Revelations with its emphasis on numerology, symbolism, demonology, Babylonian and perhaps Gnostic elements.

Johannism with it's roots in the cult of Dagon would appear to be the core of Roman religion. For example the mitre worn by the clergy is actually the fish head of the god of the Phillistines who was called Dagon or Ioannes.

It is no accident that the Feast of St John and the ancient Feast of Ioannes fall on the summer solstice, 24th June. Note that Christmas is the opposite time of the year. Remember this Biblical quote involving another John (who baptised with water), "He shall increase and I shall decrease." Sounds like Sun worship to me. Yes it's all about the sun (Ra) increasing on the winter solstice. You will also recall that one baptised by water and the other by fire. This is part of Babylonian pagan religion. Ioannes came out the water dressed inside a fish to teach Babylonians technology and culture. Their new god was the Sun. The old baptised with water, the new with fire.

Note that Jonah also spent time in a "fish". Don't forget the Christian fish symbol either. It is clear to me that Pauline Marcionism (AD 140 and not before) represents the true origin of Protestant Evangelicanism. Johannism and Judaism had nothing to do with it.

There is a culture in the minds of Christians regarding first century Chritianity. For example the Christians were fed to the lions. What does history say? The Christiani were Messianic Jews. This was associated with Titus' sacking of Jerusalem AD 70. A historical event, but within the historical context, Christians and crucifixes get no mention. Another word that arises in this context is the fact that these zealots had long hair. The Hebrew word is netzorim meaning a growth, like hair or root as in root of Jesse. That is where we get "Nazarene". But is this historically connected with a Jesus of Galilee? It seems more likely that this was an interpolation. After all the Jewish religion had no association with the Gospel originally.

Note that the Marcionites worshipped Chrestos. Second century Marcionism (Chrestianity) was the true origin of Protestant Evangelicanism. The word Christos (annointed) was not used until much later. Annointing was and is a Pagan ritual.

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