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Marcion's Bible

Marcion's New Testament consisted of Euangelion (meaning something along the lines of a rewarded for good news given to the messenger) which was two thirds of the Gospel of Luke, and Apostolikon which was 10 Pauline Epistles. These were a shorter Galations and Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Laodiceans (which was Ephesians), Philippians, Philemon and Colossians.

The Marcionites regarded the Mosaic Law, Sabbaths, Holidays, Fasting, Angels, Archangels and even Jehovah as things to be avoided in order to make spiritual progress. Therefore most references to these things in the New Testament were either added later in order to water down his doctrine, and present Christianity as a New Dispensation of Judaism, or in some cases Marcion mentions Jewish Prophets and observances himself as a bad example. In some cases these have simply been turned around later by editors.

The main differences between the Gospel of Luke and Euangelion, is that Euangelion starts around chapter 4. Therefore there is no virgin birth and Marcion's Isu Chrestos is a phantom. However he is still crucified in the end and bleeds. Marcion's text has been the object of ridicule because of this. Interestingly Marcion was a true Christian Evangelist, and didn't care much about logic of this sort. It was simply a life to be practiced, and the good news was to be shared. This is clearly where Marcion was not a Gnostic (although until I learn more, I am guessing that Marcion was the father of Gnosticism also - after all Nag Hammadi is dated late 4th century) as the Gnostics believe in receiving revelation directly from God in a creative process.

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